8 tips for working with millennials

It’s difficult to find new tow truck operators. It’s a tough job, and towing isn’t for everyone. The workforce is full of millennials, so chances are you’ll end up hiring (or trying to hire) a few millennials or Gen Zs for your business. So, you need to figure out how to create a workplace that’s going to be great for those generations. These younger generations are different from the ones that precede them. Here are a few tips for working with millennials.

8 tips for working with millennials

1. Your company needs to value your employees as people.

First of all, it’s important to treat your employees not just as robots who show up and drive tow trucks for hours at a time. People are people, and any worker would appreciate being treated like a human being. Consider things like work/life balance, health, and safety. Showing that you care about these things can help your millennials realize that they’re happy working for you.

2. Check your company culture.

Your business should have a culture that encourages employee morale. Things like equality and diversity are important. It’s not just about how much you pay people or the benefits you offer, though these things are sort of a big deal. Having a sense of corporate responsibility and giving back to the community are also significant and can help you build your business’s personality.

3. Have strong values.

You’ve also got to have solid values at your towing business. Having a company that’s dedicated to honesty, hard work, teamwork, and family is really crucial. These things are the foundation of what you stand for. That’s why you need to commit to some pretty person-centric values and show that you value your employees and your customers over profit.

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4. Let your employees know you appreciate them.

Everyone likes to hear that they’re doing a good job and that they’re appreciated. If you’ve got millennials working for you, make sure they know you see them and notice the hard work they do. You’ve got to value them and show that you care about them. Plan employee appreciation events. Bring donuts and coffee every once in a while. Order some pizza for lunch. These things are gestures that show you want your employees to be happy and that you appreciate what they do.

5. Invest in training.

A big part of hiring employees is making sure to train them properly. People don’t want to feel like their drifting or like they don’t know what they’re doing, so make sure you spend enough time training your employees. (And be sure to place a big emphasis on safety.) Also, your millennials might be interested in getting some additional certifications or taking extra training classes. You can provide those opportunities for them and support continuing education. That not only shows your millennials that you care about them, but that you want them to have the chance to learn new things.

6. Boost morale with team-building.

Let your employees get to know each other with fun, team-building things that will encourage friendships. Have things like potlucks that allow your employees to mingle and chat about something other than work. If your employees are friends with each other and genuinely enjoy working together, they’ll have a better time when they show up in the morning.

7. Encourage your employees to participate in the conversation.

It’s also important that your employees, millennials included, feel like they can talk to you. They need to be able to express concerns that they have and give their opinions on happenings at the business. Let them know that you value what they have to say. If there’s something that’s making them unhappy, they should feel like they can express that.

8. Ask your employees what would make your business a great place to work.

Well, you’re trying to make your employees and millennials happy, right? So what better way to find out how to do that than to ask them directly? You can ask what kinds of fun things they’d like to see, what could change to make their jobs less stressful, and what they enjoy at work so you can make it even better. Find out what things you can do on your end to create the best place to work. Who knows? There might be some really simple things you can do to make your employees (and millennials) very happy.

So, when you’re working with millennials, show that you take an interest in your employees’ happiness and consciously find out what would help make your business a great place to work. Let your people know that you appreciate them and that you value them!

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